Meet: Headspace

I suppose it’s no surprise by now that I’m into all different sorts of electronic music, whether it be electronica or mind-bending synths or sophisticatedly designed beats; I’m all about interesting sounds.

Last Friday I posted a Weekend Moods post that spotlighted on a Canadian music collective called Jellyfish Recordings. After doing some research and digging through their catalogue of releases I managed to find an album I couldn’t stop playing. Cue Salmagundi by Vancouver musician Headspace. I’m not a huge jazz fan but this guy blends and fuses that genre beautifully with original beats. It’s like a sort of electronic nu-jazz that really can command the background.

I’ve picked two of my favorite tracks from the album. “The Inevitable” displays his beat-making and hip-hop sound as well as mixing tasteful guitar samples. “Goodbye” slows everything down, creating an outer-space soundscape for the ears with a soothing sax playing overtop a percussion of bells. Salmagundi ranges in moods and sounds but is one tightly created and underrated album. Make sure to listen to the album in full and if you like what you hear, he’s offering it as pay what you want.

The Inevitable – Headspace

Goodbye – Headspace

BONUS:  I just love remixes.

I Think I’m Starting To Love You (Remix) - Headspace

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