Heads Up Philadelphia: The Chairman Dances tonight at North Star Bar

The Chairman Dances will be playing tonight on the west side of Broad at the renowned North Star Bar for its New Music Series. Doors open at 8 and general admission is a mere $7. My suggestion is to drop in at nearby Era for a couple of cheap specials and you can run your night for under $20 (perhaps I’ll see you there).

Anyway, the guys are back and armed with plenty of new music. With their last album, Long Lost / A History of Intiquity, being supported by UPenn Libraries I was extremely curious to hear what their newest response would sound like. A Promise, slated for a late May release, will keep your attention with its dual-storytelling of two separate married couples. They have already released their first single titled, “Sarah,” which you can download for free over at their bandcamp.

Last week I shared an album of photos I took of lead singer and songwriter, Eric Krewson, who was kind enough to come hang out in my neck of the woods (er..city) and play a couple of acoustic songs. Watch Krewson as he strums along late afternoon and performs the third track from the album, “A Voice In The Night (Natalie’s Husband).”

And keep an eye out, we’ll be soon featuring more artists and bands who happen to be in the neighborhood.

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