We can’t find the words to describe the landscapes we have seen.

Italy’s Drink To Me really put some work into their latest album, S.  Their tribalism influences especially shine through in fourth track, “Future Days,” with a heavy yet playful electronic build up. The lyrics are charming, especially at the end when the group sings, “we’re doing the best we can/ we’re wide awake and we’re working on the future days/ we are the people that have no hopes/ there’s no nostalgia nor anticipation at all/ we hate, we smile and we’re beautiful/ no revolution was ever made with love .”

The video for the song is more than stimulating with a heavy focus on clean colors and symmetry. There’s a good section in the middle of the track that just feels like a weird acid trip but beyond that, I really love the final minute where the small colored blocks come into play.

And if you’re really into vinyls then you will enjoy their gorgeous deluxe edition that sports a royal blue disc. Check out the rest of their album on their bandcamp page.

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