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For your Friday…

Whew. It’s been quite the month and now it’s already August? I had a feeling July was going to escape me…

I’ve been having a very surreal year so far. I have been going through a fairly decent career shift, which explains the lack of posts lately. Two industries I’ve tried my hardest to keep separate in my life and this week I think I finally relented. Sharing on this blog almost every single day has been an amazing ritual for me, but I know deep down I’m allowed to give other things my full commitment as well. I’m reaching a balance that I’ve been searching for.

And I think that’s what we all need sometimes. To reach a balanced point, recharge from different parts of our lives, and move on. It’s a cycle and I know this lull of free time is going to be very, very short lived. I’m already jam-packing my day with things to do and it’s not even noon yet.

But I’m back y’all, ready to throw at you some great music again. is and of the sent me over some new tunes and I’ve finally been able listen to them all the way through. They’re perfect soft psychedelic electronica with plenty of vocal and guitar looping to help you coast through your Friday. Enjoy.

Listen to the rest here.

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