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philadelphia sunset

I once had a good friend try to talk with me about recent movies. When they soon discovered I had little to no knowledge of what was out at the moment, who was who, etc. they were surprised. They asked me how important music was in my life vs. something visual like film.

I never quite thought about it until then, but I answered; “It’s one of the most important things to me.” Whether I’m consciously aware of it or not, music is typically playing throughout any various pair of speakers, carrying its sound down through the hallways of my Philadelphia row home. It’s the soundtrack to my every movement, every moment of being. It’s the reason for this blog.

It’s so much a part of my life that I try to get to shows as often as possible. Besides, there’s so much going on in Philadelphia, it’s hard not to find something good. Earlier this week, the legendary World Cafe Live hosted a fabulous event where a slew of local musicians played Beck’s Song Reader track by track. Beyond catching a lot of amazing acts I was already a fan of – The Lawsuits, Levee Drivers, Andrew Lipke, Johnny Showcase to name a few – I actually got to hear some other acts I hadn’t heard of before.

Below, check out a few groups that stood out to me that evening. Open those ears and listen to something new.


  1. Stephen...

    I recently discovered New Sweden as well and must say that they are an exceptional live band. I purchased their Cd, which is also great, but pales in comparison to the energy I feel when they are performing in the same room that I am in. If you get the opportunity to see thier show, I would strongly suggest that you not sleep on it!

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