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[SXSW] The First 48 – “Sometimes your car breaks down, and sometimes you meet Willie Nelson.”

Texas is really big, guys!  In case you weren’t aware.   Rolling into town at 1 am early Monday morning after 15 hours of driving straight from Nashville to Austin, we crashed hard at our gracious hosts’ house.  The Farrs are simply amazing, and I first want to take a second to thank & acknowledge them for opening their doors to us and being so accommodating.  You guys ROCK!!!

Monday, 3/11/13

Monday morning at 9am, Ryan & I had to get to work.  We had picked up a couple shifts at SXSW with our promotional company from NYC.  Any little bit of money helps, especially when you’re gone for a month!  This also gave us a chance to scope out the downtown area & get a lay of the land.

Start the car…

Blog - car battery light




“Well, it’s going.  She just needs to get us to work.”



And we’re off!  We worked right in the heart of the conference, downtown at the Austin Convention Center.

A look inside the expo room:

Blog - Inside the Expo

After work, we met up with our friend Jen Forchelli, CEO & founder of Astro Therapy – (Look her up!!  If you’ve never had your birth chart done by her, you haven’t lived.)  We decided to go get something to eat.  Headed to the parking garage.

Blog - car battery light


“It’s on again!”


“Rev the engine…”



And…   Dead.  Our car battery died on the way down the ramp of the parking garage.

A parking attendant and a cop helped us push & steer the car into an alley just outside the garage.  We were lucky enough to get a jump from this friendly man…

Blog - Car getting jumped 2

…But the car died again.  Luckily we have AAA.  We got the car towed to an AutoZone.

Blog - Car getting towed

Needless to say, we felt REALLY cool, when the car broke down this time at the corner of 2nd & Brazos, a main intersection.


The alternator was the issue…  We had to have it replaced.  Mrs. Sarah Farr came to save the day & picked us up since it was dark by this point and we had to leave the car overnight.


And…Day 1 Down.  It gets better!! (In a good way.. trust me!!)


Tuesday, 3/12/13

Our gracious hostess Sarah drove us into town for our second & last shift of promo work while our car was getting fixed.

Day 2 of work was really fun: there were bands coming in and out of the lounge we were working all day, all doing exclusive performances and interviews.  We got to meet and hear Blondfire, Wildcat Wildcat, The Dunwells, and Delta Rae.  If you haven’t checked out Delta Rae’s awesome music video for their song “Bottom of the River,” you need to right after you finish reading about how exciting our Day 2 became.)  Having this job was a really good thing for us for these two days; we made some money AND we got to see some music we would not have otherwise seen because it was beyond the point where you needed an expensive, official SXSW badge to get in.

We picked up the car after work at 5; alternator was all better.  We had a show to do, our first show during SXSW! – so we had to get home, get the instruments, and hurry back to town.  We played at 1007 South Congress Ave at a makeshift, pop-up stage that only exists during South By.

Blog - Goat at Eat Ban Mi



2/3 Goat performing during SXSW, outside Eat Ban Mi at 1007 South Congress Ave.




***How we got the gig!***

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 11.38.20 AM


It was very roundabout.  Here’s a word document chart breaking down 2/3 Goat got to play during SXSW:
We had a great crowd; some friends and some new fans were jamming.  It was a beautiful night!  After our show, we packed up and decided to further south on S Congress & get some food.  We found this place.  Pretty good food, and great atmosphere.

Blog - Ms. P's Electric Cock

 Here’s us enjoying Ms. P’s:

Blog - Chicken Place

Sitting at one of the benches eating, Ryan & I met an Austin native who fixes cars, and we told him of our woes with the Nighthawk.  We got to talking about music, and he let us in on a private, invite-only concert that was going on only a few blocks away just off the beaten path.  Willie Nelson was playing that night, was the rumor; and if you acted like you were supposed to be there, you might be able to get through the front door.

So we thought we’d try.   Our other friends parted ways; our Austin guy went ahead to the concert; and Ryan, Jen, and I made our way there too.  Sure enough, we were able to secure our way in with our new friend, and we got in just after Willie had started playing!!  This is how close we were:

Click to view our video of: Willie Nelson Arlyn Studios

This location turned out to be Arlyn Studios, a fantastic studio with a roster of over 50 major recording artists who have laid down albums there.

We also got to see Caveman play at Arlyn, right after Willie.  They’re a great band!  Check out What’s Protocol’s recent write up of them.

**Tour Tip #96: Don’t lose faith; because sometimes your car breaks, and sometimes you meet Willie Nelson.

And those were the first 48.  More to come soon!!


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