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Sunday Listening: The Walk On – Hashbrown

Hashbrown makes sampling an art form.

He takes old soul hooks, classic dub clips, guitar licks from here, smooth hip hop beats from there, and literally throws it all in the neatly arranged 32-track album titled The Walk On, the companion piece to the previously released album, The Walk Off

Each track is carefully manipulated, retaining some sort of notion of a complete song yet, completely disassembled into something entirely new and different. Hashbrown has a complex ear for this sort of creative work and you can see this with his control over his samples and flow.

Take a nice, long listen to The Walk Off and completely absorb yourself in all of it’s pieced-together glory.

Nice In The Headphones: Hashbrown

A label I’ve come to rely on recently is Jellyfish Recordings and their eclectic variety of beat maestros and sample kings. This past week they brought to my attention Vancouver artist, Hashbrown, who’s coming off a three year hiatus (mind you this kid is only 19…) and dropping The Walk Off for our hungry ears.

The 37 sample-ridden track album answers the prior album, Walk On, and deserves to be on the Nice In The Headphones center stage because:

With its sparse arrangements and constant shifting, The Walk Off is a fitting soundtrack to any journey (be it by foot or by wheel). Dubbed “music for heavy traffic”, the listener is invited to become an active and vital part in its full presentation. The interaction/interplay between the music and the listener’s physical and emotional environments allows the listener to participate as both the guided as well as the guide, resulting in a much deeper experience.

Simply, this music was made to strut to. STRUT (and name your price).

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