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Live Art: Warpaint

Emily Kokal

A couple of weeks back we had our launch party for Philly creative organization, Collaborate Philly. I had an awesome time inside the mausoleum-turned art/venue space meeting tons of artists from all over the spectrum.

One woman I met, Diane Roka, told me about how she sketches the artists she sees live. Of course this immediately sounded like an amazing concept to me and I asked her to email me some of her work. Over the course of this week I will be featuring her drawings on the site along with some music from the artists themselves.

First up, Warpaint, the all-female quartet who create churning psychedelic guitar lines and post-punk percussion all while layering haunting vocals over top. Roka caught the group back in December and was inspired to recreate it on paper.

Listen to their most recent album, The Fool,¬†while taking a look at Roka’s work below.

Jenny Lee Lindberg
Theresa Wayman

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