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[Music Video] Discovery – Empire of the Sun

empire of the sun

Empire of the Sun are epically making their reappearance known. Back with new music just waiting to be unleashed in June, we’re left with this teaser short of a video that can only elicit more excitement from fans.

I’ve hugely been into the Australian duo ever since I heard their catchy electronica anthems and caught a bit of their show at Coachella back in 2011. Beyond their crazy stage outfits, they really can light up an audience with the amount of energy packed into each track.

Count down your days until June and stay posted for all the latest news here, catch the video below.

Archaeologists have uncovered interglacial cave paintings deep within a rock shelter in Mexico’s Guerrero Peninsula. The paintings date between 4,200 and 8,000 years ago, making them the most important finding of the millennia. The site was previously believed to be the birthplace of La Llorona, or “The Weeping Woman.”

“This must have been a place of memory,” said Ramon Fortunato, an archaeologist at the University of Monterrey, of the site. “The people of this region may have kept it secret, in order to harness its power.”

Inhabitants from the area are thought to be directly related to the “Empire of the Sun,” responsible for protecting the Earth from catastrophe for generations.

Update: Further research has concluded that the cave is the meeting point of the leylines of synchronicity. The find has been praised by heads of state and notable scientists, and a meeting of world leaders has been called in Geneva, Switzerland.

[Nice In The Headphones] The Adventure Park – Sterile Cuckoo

sterile cuckoo

Dreamy, lush electronica seems something that Sterile Cuckoo has got down. He places his delicate vocals deep within the glittering synths, giving off a hazy, ethereal vibe.

In his latest piece of work, The Adventure Parkwe’re taken through surreal melodies that are perfect for the headphones. I love the pop elements in “Miracle Love Atlas” but, I also really enjoy when he slows things down like in track, “July, July.

Listen below for yourself and keep an eye on him via Soundcloud.

[Nice In The Headphones] We Never Left – Stray Theories

stray theories

Super atmospheric and subtly building, I’m really into Micah Templeton-Wolfe’s sounds – who’s otherwise known under the moniker, Stray Theories.

The New Zealand-based Aussie creates refreshing ambient tones that simply blend in with your surroundings. I first became struck with his track, “We Never Left,” but while recently digging through his Soundcloud page, I’m finding even more to obsess over. The remixes are quite lovely as well.

For more, check out his latest album, Even Though We Sleep, featuring plenty of instrumental layers and intricate textures.

[Meet] Love Echo

This year, a new electronic duo has been slowly cultivating an audience with their

smooth and eloquent downtempo sound. Love Echo displays hints of European-styled beat making underneath searing synths and female vocal samples. Everything about the production quality is just done absolutely right.

Otherwise known as Vic Miranda and Vicki Glass, the two have been teasing our ears with only a minimal amount of releases. Not quite the disappointment when you give their tracks a listen, especially with their fantastic cover of The Cure’s track, “Lovecats.” Check out the sampling below and be sure to keep these two on your radar.

Also make sure you grab the Winter mixtape below. Who cares if it’s from last year, it’s still sonic gold.


[Meet] Artaban

With less than a million people country-wide, it’s no wonder the music scene is a

tight community. With each link I click, I learn more of who’s worked with who, who’s remixed what, and who’s friends inside this little country of Luxembourg.

Meet Artaban, a duo of brothers with a careful shroud of mystery who describe their sound as a cross between Röyksopp and Boards of Canada. They blend a lot of contemporary club sounds with influences of old vinyl they listened to as kids. With their first album, Landscapes, released back in 2008, they’ve been plugging away and dropping seasonal mixes along with adding their own remix treatment to many tracks along the way.

Check out their latest seasonal mixtape below and be sure to explore more on your own.

Sunday Listening: Know Not – Is and of The

Drew Bandos is back again with new experimental electronica to grace our ears. This time around though, he’s expanded the sound. From personal bedroom project, he’s now enlisted the help of other musicians to lend their instruments, vocals, and even some additional programming/percussion to the mix.

Is and of The’s latest release, Know Not, is literally a splash of sounds. Each track intricately layered with various noises and sounds holding your ears hostage. I really enjoy picking apart the tracks, listening to each different set of loops that cut in and out, even trying to dissect the sometimes indiscernable lyrics.

I really like this direction a lot, check out Know Not below and download at your own price.


The future?

I’ve become obsessed with the tag entitled “future.” The word just grabs my attention. Why does this particular artist, PR firm, record label, etc. believe their music is the sounds from an approaching, distant time? What does it even resemble when it hits my ears?

So, needless to say, I’ve been having some fun exploring this particular tag on many different sites/networks. Where are we heading in music, what new technologies or artists/styles will affect the outcome? Remember, no one predicted dubstep…and that’s been a pretty exciting genre that’s made its way to the mainstream.

Take a dip into what others feel as “future” sounds and explore some artists and genres you may have never taken a listen to otherwise.

First up is Inner Space Man, an electronic artist who manages to blend folk and digital absolutely seamlessly. I especially love the layering of  the acoustic guitar and electronic tones in his album, GalapagosI can’t even tell you what my favorite track is. Perhaps it’s “Ships Passing” or “Semaphore?” I don’t know, upon second listen I’m now really into the song “Two Bells.” It’s all so damn good, and totally worth clicking that download link.

Late Night: Anenon remixes.

After digging through Ryan York’s catalogue the other day, of course I got back into listening to Non Project’s founder Anenon’s incredible work.

Listen to a set of remixes he posted up on his Soundcloud page not too long ago. It’s perfect for the late night hours.

Nice In The Headphones: Asura (Ryan York)

This is why I love electronic music so hard.

Because every now and then you get something like Ryan York’s work; intricate, glittering electronica that fills out lushly with just the right amount of low end. I absolutely love the hint of classical composition, it’s something you can plug into and get completely lost in. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Listen to a handful of brilliant tracks from York under his moniker, Asura, below.

And don’t miss this. Whoa.

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It’s yours to find.

It’s been awhile since I last made one of these 30 minute cardio mixes but I’m back with a new one. it’s yours to find is a precise 30 minutes of laid-back, chilled out electronica meant for pensive runs, burning bike rides, and concentrated lifts.

Check below for the track listing and be sure to download and add to your playlists. Hello Saturday morning workout.

01. This Is What I Meant – Anenon
02. The Oldest Mind – Jape
03. All Inside – Bondax
04. Walking By Your Side – Berry Weight
05. Hidden (Sportag remix) – Erika Spring
06. New Theory (RAC remix) – Washed Out
07. Your Smile Unfolds (Brian’s remix) – The Parish of Little Clifton