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Songs For Your Weekend Moods: a cool 120 Edition

The whole purpose of a cool 120 came around a couple of years ago due to the volumes of mix CD’s I would create for my frequent trips between Philadelphia and DC. And more so because I don’t have an aux input on my car stereo and I refuse to get that Belkin radio shit.

Below are three of my favorite songs from the most recent mix, listen/download to the rest of it here.

The Oldest Mind – Jape

Burial Grounds – Airlines

Moku – Edamame

Right-click and enjoy.


Well everyone, I think it’s a perfect time to re-introduce my unofficial campaign of being decent human beingsNew years start with resolutions, reflections, hopeful ambitions and I’m sure many other things varying on the person. But, I think we can all come together and simultaneously strive for something that’s, in my opinion, easily attainable.

Late last night as I was walking my dog after work, I decided to further the walk after he did his business thinking he needed some extra time. Patiently waiting for the light to change, a slow car approaches me. Blocking my path across the street I look to see what he’s doing and he’s staring right back at me masturbating. Instantly appalled and without thinking I threw the bag of shit I had in my hands at him through his conveniently open window and added some other verbal slurs.

As he sped off, probably surprised at what had just happened, I immediately felt victimized. In a city I’ve grown to adore, I have now been randomly attacked three separate times within the past two months. Random is the key word here and that’s what I have to remember, these creeps were looking for anyone. These sick crimes can easily make you feel bad about yourself, but why should it? Next time this dude is cruising around looking for his next audience member I’m sure he won’t pull up on girls walking their dogs anymore.

Now this is an extreme side of the spectrum, obviously not all people are this demented in the head. I’m sure there are smaller things in all of us that we could improve on, even if it’s just resisting to gossip, showing up ten minutes early for an appointment instead of ten minutes late, unloading the dishwasher, etc. No matter how trivial these things can seem, they can mean the world to others and doesn’t it feel good to just make someone else feel good?

Anyways, let’s be decent because you may find yourself with a bag of shit in your face, literally. Here’s some fabulous Elizabeth & The Catapult.

Hit the Wall – Elizabeth & The Catapult

Right-click and enjoy.

Heads up Philadelphia : Chris Cubeta and The Liars Club tonight at the Tin Angel

We first caught Chris Cubeta and The Liars Club a couple of months back during CMJ in Brooklyn and boy were we impressed. Coming off of his third studio album, Chris will be playing a set right in our turf tonight.

Supporting fellow New Yorkers, Elizabeth and The Catapult!, Chris will step on stage at the Tin Angel here in Philadelphia and show off his folk-tinged rock ‘n’ roll. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to see Chris and his crew bring their rugged indie-rock sound to Old City. Listen below to the companion tracks, “I’m Sorry” and “You Should Be Too” off the latest release.

We were lucky enough to speak with Chris briefly…

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Heads up Brooklyn!

Our friend, FeelingAnxious PR, is teaming up with Galuminumfoil Productions to host a CMJ showcase tonight that we think you shouldn’t miss.

Now we’ve already introduced you to the folk-pop group, Little Anchor, but there’s more music to listen to and more artists/bands that demand your attention. Check out the event, read up a little on the roster, and grab a ticket.

FeelingAnxious even put out a compilation for keeps, listen below or head on over to the bandcamp page to cop the entire download. Can’t make it? Well you can sure feel like you were there by following us on twitter, check off your entertainment being covered for the night.