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Tour Diaries: Work-cation!

Ah, the Outer Banks of North Carolina… one of our favorite places, and 2/3 Goat’s latest tour destination.  We headed down in mid-July for a week of shows & fun. This was one of our favorite weeks of adventures yet, because we were surrounded by unending beauty and great friends.


Ryan & I started out from NYC to pick up our other third, Mr. Guerra, in Norfolk, VA, and stay with our friends Patrick & Kendal on our way down.  I’d never been over the Chesepeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel before, and as soon as Ryan told me how long it was and that it was comprised of bridges AND tunnels, I wasn’t all too sure this would be an enjoyable day…

Who knew this was possible??  But it was great!  The CBBT is truly a triumph of human innovation.

We continued on down and arrived in Hatteras, NC, for our first stop on tour: Teach’s Island Bar & Grill.

What a great venue!! We had a blast here.


Hatteras is across the water from the island of Ocracoke, so we headed over there on the ferry the next day.  Unlike most of the Outer Banks, which are connected by bridges, there is no other way to get to Ocracoke than by ferry.  Some beautiful birds and glorious weather greeted us.


Ocracoke is a tiny town on a wild island.  The beaches are gorgeous and the water’s clear.  The mosquitos are also ravenous on the island, so make sure when visiting that you either bring a bottle of bug spray or a zen attitude.  Both are preferable; the zen just works for this island, where no one is in a rush and the amalgam of bicycles, pedestrians, cars, and golf carts create the most peaceful traffic jam you’ll ever find yourself in.  We rented bikes, and after our shows we would drive our instruments & gear back to our home base, the Rickers’ rental house,* and started out on bikes.  Every night was an adventure, from witnessing the phosphorescence in beautiful Silver Lake, to gazing at the night sky – which is UNmatchable to any that I’ve seen; the Milky Way literally stretched across the entire sky!! – and enjoying the night life at a few great bars/restaurants on the island.

The first time I ever went to Ocracoke was last year to visit our friends The Yes Team (a band we know from NYC, now based in San Diego and killin’ it out there!!) and Aaron Lavigne (another awesome musician who I actually attended college with; he’s now on Broadway in Spiderman, also killing it).  Aaron & the folks in The Yes Team have played shows in Ocracoke these past couple of years, and after visiting last year, we decided 2/3 Goat should spend some time building some fans and enjoying the beautiful beach there.  (Here I am, enjoying the beach a little too much.)

*We would not have been able to stay this whole week if it hadn’t been for Chris & Judy Ricker, great friends who opened up their temporary home to us.  MANY THANKS to them, as well as the Dudleys, an amazing family from Charlotte with roots in Ocracoke, who we really got to know this time around.



The two venues we played on the wild island were Creekside Cafe and Jolly Roger.


These were both 3 hour shows. Long shifts! They went great, though.  Exercises in endurance. We were totally prepared and even came out stronger artists & entertainers, I think. Clearly, the scenery helped keep us engaged. I think Guerra may be swatting off a mosquito in this photo from Jolly Roger.



Another activity we participated in on the island was clamming.  Here we are in action.



The Rickers, the Dudleys, and the Goats went out into the marshes one day, and among the three parties, we collected about 250 clams!!



Needless to say, we had a feast.  These were our clams!!






Photo shoots also need to happen from time to time for a band. We chose the Rickers’ giant red hot tub for this shoot. Just add water, bubbles, cigars, and some champagne, and you’re in business.

 <– Me, Ryan, & Ryan



Us & the rest of our island gang–>





We’ve had enough adventure this past year to afford some time at home base. So we’re taking a couple of months to do some shows closer to home & spend some time writing.  Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer!!

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‘Til the road calls again,


2/3 Goat


**Tour Tip #5: Get in touch with nature. As much as we may try and separate ourselves from the earth, it’s where we came from – So it’s what is in us. So much creativity occurs naturally, and we can all draw from it in our own artistic endeavors. As Carl Sagan said, “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”

Tour Diaries: Days 1 & 2!

On the Road!  We LOVE this drive.  Here’s a shot of one of many cool places on the route from NYC to West Virginia.  This is Sideling Hill in Maryland:

Yesterday we made our first stop: Black Bear Burritos in Morgantown, WV.  We rolled into town a couple hours early and hit up Sozo, a great coffee shop.  Ryan & Ryan sipped on lattes and talked about how lovely the drive had been.

…And then on to Black Bear!  We LOVE this joint, both for their awesome clientele and their amazing food.  The amalgamation of college students and folks of all ages living in the community, provides for a very cool vibe.  Consequently, with the great energy we got from our crowd, we rocked out.

They also appreciate great bourbon in Morgantown.  Buffalo Trace, sponsor of our show in NYC at Arlene’s (see my last blog post), provided us with awesome t-shirts for our fans, some of which were given away at our NYC show.  We had a few left over, though, so we’ve taken them on the road and are giving them to some loyal fans.

And now on to DC to play The Wonderland Ballroom tonight!  We’re sharing the bill with Oh! My Blackbird, another NYC band with an awesome sound & vibe.  We’re excited!!

Oh! My Blackbird opens the night up at 8:30pm, with 2/3 Goat going on at 9:30pm.  Super psyched!!

***A big THANK YOU to the Wilmoths in Fairmont, WV, who always welcome us with open arms, a nice place to stay, and perfectly proportioned omelettes in the morning.  Thanks so much to our Nashville drummer Andy Wilmoth for helping us out here!

**TOUR TIP #1: A big part of being on the road is saving your energy inbetween shows.  That’s why I’m letting Ryan drive today and chillaxing beneath my hood for a few hours.

Talk soon,


2/3 GoatFacebook – Tw: @TwoThirdsGoat

Say goodbye for the millionth time.

You all know I’m a sucker for a sweet little music video. Here we’ve got Debbie Miller performing a Ballard Session of her song, “Brand New Album.”

Miller actually just released her album, Measures + Waits, last week which you can check out here. Her sophomore effort “encompasses both the seriousness and silliness of love and life.” Quirky folk-pop that’s light and whimsy, enjoy.

You don’t need nobody to tell you it won’t be alright.

I really like how the vocals are up front and present in Oh! My Blackbird’s single, “No Exit.” Off of their recently released album, Dare Me, you hear the trio play a beautifully stripped down song mainly showcasing their harmonies while simultaneously adding complimenting instruments ever so lightly into the mix.  I dig the subtleties y’all.

Check out Brooklyn’s latest up-an-comers that are bringing a richly acoustic sound to the table.

No Exit - Oh! My Blackbird

Right-click and enjoy.

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The highways were paved and hungry for us.

Why not acknowledge this day? People really like to polarize this “holiday” but I think it’s just an amusing thing. The shades of red and pink, the massive amounts of cards, roses, chocolate and other themed goods, it’s kind of funny.

And why not take a hot second to listen to some cute music? It’s your free pass today. Download the compilation for FREE here.

PenPal Pete: Little Anchor

Autographs: Alexa asks Pete if he likes pork and Kendrick asks Pete's opinion on the Tanner daughters.

Last Thursday (October 13th) Lindsey and I were able to catch the Little Anchor performance at The Fire in Philly and we recorded it for you. You’ll want to listen to some tracks from that below, but stay with us for a little bit.

We talked to the band after their set and they were kind enough to invite us to lunch the next day at the New Delhi Restaurant in University City before they departed for Virginia. The Indian buffet was incredible, as was the conversation. We were able to learn that Kendrick (guitar, vocals) had purchased this song from the old electronics store The Wiz back in the day. You may remember that The Wiz was involved in an episode of Seinfeld in which this commercial was featured. Continue reading