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[Sunday Listening] Low High Low – Max Frost

Beyond that adorable face (amirite?), Max Frost has got everything my ears (and eyes) need right now. I also thoroughly enjoy the lo-fi he’s thrown over his provocative vocals, it only amplifies his range it seems.

Listen to his EP, Low High Low, below and be sure to catch more of him via his Facebook page.

[Sunday Listening] Stuff Gets Bent – Blocktreat

Sundays are for calm. They’re for peace, for catching up, for slowing down. Engaging, and sometimes simply dis-engaging. Sounds that drift from one room to the next, from downstairs to upstairs, along the walls, filling out each and every imaginable space. Sundays are for expanding in all interpretations of the word.

Stuff Gets Bent is the second full-length release from down-tempo/folktronic producer, Blocktreat (Brandon Hoffman). This is an album of bittersweet instrumental soundscapes. Hoffman layered together found sounds, field recordings of living-room bluegrass jams, and occasionally live recorded instruments to create a dynamic, cinematic mosaic of acoustic and electronic textures. (via bandcamp)

[Songs For Your Weekend Moods] Flume

flume deluxe edition

If your ears haven’t heard the genius that is Sydney’s Flume, then let me quickly do you a solid. Your weekend moods have got to involve this talented producer, trust me.

The man behind it all, Harley Streten, experienced an incredible 2012 with his debut album jumping quickly to multiple Australian charts. And just recently, he re-introduced that incredible album as a deluxe version that features the original album, the mixtape, and remixes of and by Flume himself.

Also be sure to check out the future synth-pop sound of his newest original track with The Preatures frontwoman, Isabella Manfredi, below.

BONUS:   Oh, and just for good measure – a Disclosure remix.

[Meet] Low Tee

low tee

Comprised of samples of old school synths from the 80′s and 90′s, New York City’s Low Tee does a meticulous job at layering to create a tightly crafted sound. Over-sensualized, wonky at times, and just the right amount of synths – I’m excited to hear what this producer puts out next.

From an artist who describes his music as, “I make the wrong kind of beats… Don’t tell the homies,” you’re definitely going to fall in love with the saxophone all over again in his track, “Thuggin…Feels Good.” Make sure to check the rest out over on his Soundcloud page.

[Music Video] Late Night Toronto (feat. Rich Kidd) – Times Neue Roman

Well-timed and pretty hilarious, check out the duo, Times Neue Romanand their video from 2012 which features Toronto Mayor Rob Ford masks and plenty of booze to go around.

Ridiculousness all around, and I want one of those masks. #latenighttoronto

2804 – Mecca:83 + Question

2804 mecca:83 question

It’s been awhile since I’ve popped my head into the beat scene. And it’s always nice to see Manchester-based producer, Mecca:83, still dishing out the tracks.

His latest collaboration with SoCal beat maker, Question, is as smooth as it comes. Perfect fluttering keys and a massively fluid beat. Doesn’t hit much better than this.

[Music Video] Old Danny Brown

I saw this video a couple weeks ago and I’m just getting around to posting it. My bad. The visuals are trippy as hell and the beat is out of this world. If someone can tell me what song was sampled I will give them an agreed upon number of high fives. If you live far, we’re splitting the cost of gas or the deal is off. Anyway, enjoy the trippy video, amazing beat, and Danny Brown’s energetic flow.

The name of this track is “ODB” and it will be on Danny Brown’s forthcoming album Old which is available for pre-order here.