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[Nice In The Headphones] Elliphant

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Swedish electro artist, Elliphant.

She’s got heavy jungle beats, snappy snares, and a dark, underlying house element that brings it all together. Elliphant’s self-titled debut EP is nothing but pure electronic grit. Tracks like “In The Jungle,” sound like they’re meant for the lowest lit of warehouses and grimey alleyways yet she turns the vibe completely around in, “Cian’t Hear It.”

Catch the full stream below:

Also, this video..

BONUS:  something for keeps, ya know?

Rat In The Snow – Adam Tensta w. Elliphant

Right-click and enjoy.

Alphabet Rave Across the Midwest

Denver, Colorado’s Pictureplane is packing up a UHaul and moving himself to Brooklyn, NY (which is cool for me) but maybe not for his CO pals. Nevertheless, he’s doing a couple tour dates on his little journey and bringing along fellow “Denver weirdos, Alphabets.”

Alphabets make some kind of fusion of what I’d call digi-electro-jungle-rave and on their newest release JeanJets they combine that with various airplane (jet) noises. I’m kind of into it and I feel like seeing these guys in any kind of club/warehouse/non-traditional dance arena, would be extremely fun.

Check out JeanJets below:

Pictureplane Midwest Dates:


Fannypack Friday

I'm ready for the weekend

Fannypack Friday. It’s Friday, wear a fannypack. Carry stickers and Snickers. Give them to ones. Party with ones. Start drinking early. Pregame! Wanna do shots? Do shots! Wanna do a beer bong? Do a beer bong! Party into the early hours of Caturday morning. Wait, you’ve never heard of Fannypack Friday? You’ve gotta be kitten me!

By the way, I’m Pregame Puma. I’m the mascot of pregaming. I escalate things and I only party with ones. I like posts. Scratching posts. Blog posts. Posting up. Post-it notes. Post to post. East post to the West post. Take another shot. Now fist pump.

Here’s a song you can dance to. It’s called “Wildcat” and it’s by one of my favorite bands. They’re called Catacatcat. Listen to it. Take a shot every time you hear the jungle cat. Now take another shot. Beer bong. Go talk to that one. Do it. Take a shot.

Wildcat – Ratatat

Do these dance moves:

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