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My bones still break.

When I got wind that there was a new Like Pioneers track floating around well, I was thrilled. And I’m not kidding.

I’ve included this Chicago five piece on the blog many times since I heard their first album, Piecemeal. These group of friends are back, bursting with energy in their newest song, “Boggs.”  I’m hit with a truly organic sound, solid and connected sound structure. I’ve been waiting for their reappearance.

On May 22nd Oh, Magic will be hitting the public and I highly recommend you make note. Revisit a couple of my favorite tracks of theirs then listen to “Boggs” and fall in love all over again.

Some People – Like Pioneers

English Garden – Like Pioneers

Boggs – Like Pioneers

Right-click and enjoy.


Perfect Games – The Broken West   This one is sad to revisit since this great power-pop band is no longer together.  In the 5 years they were around they released two solid albums.  Ah, I miss this music.  Post break-up, Ross Flournoy is now in Apex Manor and has just released their debut earlier this year through Merge, which apparently isn’t going the smoothest for him since he just checked into rehab

Gift From a Holiday – Like Pioneers   I don’t know if anyone has noticed but I kind of like this band’s sound a lot, especially this song because I can’t help but sing along.  Theses guys are a mini Chicago indie super group which also worried me that they wouldn’t continue their efforts because of being too busy.  Thankfully though, their manager emailed me a couple of months ago informing me that they in fact were in the process of creating new material and even had a session for Coach House Sounds.  Keep them on your radar, or I’ll try to at least.

You Were Right – Days Away   I have a strong affirmation for the progressive rock band, Days Away.  I started listening to them back in my emo days and don’t even shake your head because everyone had emo days whether you believe me or not.  Anyways, another great band come and gone but today we will revisit them.

Walking – The Dodos   I love the banjo. Absolutely love it so obviously that’s why this song is so great to me.  “Walking” is one of their earliest songs off Visiter after being signed to Frenchkiss.  I really enjoy the female vocals floating in for the chorus to give the song a little more depth.  The guys have just released their fourth album, No Colors, this year (impressive!).

Right-click and enjoy.

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Am I getting closer, or moving away?

No Secret Why – The Coast I had to start with this song.  That guitar intro is just on point.  “Well there’s two ways to look at you…” Ahh, love these lyrics too!  It’s a shame these Canadians recently broke up, I bet they’d throw a great live show.  At least they went out in charity-style, props.

Similar Sense – Mitten This came on my iPod the other day.  Not sure where it came from but I like the fast pace of it.  It’s kind of like two different songs once the chorus comes in.  They just released their debut EP, See You Bye, back in January.  Check the rest out over at their bandcamp.

December Sunset – LexiconDon Switching gears…I think I tried to push this song on everyone last summer. Round two for these Cali kids?

Some People – Like Pioneers Another fabulous song from last summer.  Can you tell I’m getting tired of the cold?  It dropped back down to like 20 something degrees today.  When will it end?  Anyway, I would like for this indie-super group to leave the state of Illinois and play a show on the eastern seaboard, k thanks.

The Gospel Song – Magnet Been sitting on this song for awhile too, my bad.  Lyrics are swell.

And there you go, 5 songs to enjoy.  Have at it.


I know…been slacking.

But, it’s finally September! Fall is on its way..perhaps.  Blackbird Blackbird

Probably be hot as hell all the way to December.

Anyways, I’ve been working working working but wanted to share some songs that have been on loop.

The first track is from Blackbird Blackbird.  I’ve been loving on them and their dream-pop sound all summer.  Great for playlists.  The main thing I love about this band though, is that the entire song is one long journey of various instruments and sounds creating different emotions along the way.  The song “Pure” is light and carefree.  Just a feel good song.  And they’re from San Fran (you would love that Vlad).

Egyptian Hip Hop

The next track is a little nuts.  Whenever I want to listen to something different and a little crazy I know that Egyptian Hip Hop won’t let me down.  Their music is interesting and complex to my ears.  I love that 4 white British guys are what’s behind this genius band.

Have a listen..love it, hate it, do something with it.

Pure – Blackbird Blackbird

Middle Name Period – Egyptian Hip Hop

BONUS (because I fucking love Like Pioneers):  Gift From Holiday – Like Pioneers

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01.  It’s Okay – Land of Talk

02.  Daughter – Magic Man

03.  Indigenas – La Otrabanda

04.  Unfinished Business (White Lies Cover) – Mumford & Sons

05.  English Garden – Like Pioneers

06.  Eat That Up, It’s Good For You – Two Door Cinema Club

07.  June 2010 – Teen Daze

08.  Lawn Knives – GOBBLE GOBBLE

09.  That’s Some Dream – Good Old War

Teen Daze
Teen Daze

10.  Quarry Hymns – Land of Talk

11.  Animals – Gem Club

12.  Sparks – Jesse Woods

13.  No One Will Be A Stranger – Dax Riggs

14.  Heart Full Of Pentagons – Film School

15.  Early Spring Till – Nathaniel Raitliff

16.  You – Gold Panda

17.  Don’t Leave My Mind – Azure Ray

18.  In The Stream – S. Carey

19.  Beg Steal or Borrow – Ray LaMontagne

20.  Some People – Like Pioneers