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My bones still break.

When I got wind that there was a new Like Pioneers track floating around well, I was thrilled. And I’m not kidding.

I’ve included this Chicago five piece on the blog many times since I heard their first album, Piecemeal. These group of friends are back, bursting with energy in their newest song, “Boggs.”  I’m hit with a truly organic sound, solid and connected sound structure. I’ve been waiting for their reappearance.

On May 22nd Oh, Magic will be hitting the public and I highly recommend you make note. Revisit a couple of my favorite tracks of theirs then listen to “Boggs” and fall in love all over again.

Some People – Like Pioneers

English Garden – Like Pioneers

Boggs – Like Pioneers

Right-click and enjoy.

Songs for your Weekend Moods: The Magician Edition

I just came across this gem while rummaging through Beatport for cool stuff to add to my set. The guy is named The Magician which immediately caught my eye as I perform magic. It’s awesome. No one is ever not impressed. Freaked out at times, yes, but never not impressed. I have been accused of being an alien on a certain occasion after turning two quarters into one quarter. That’s how cool magic is.

Now I don’t know if this guy does any real magic, but he does produce some pretty sweet tracks. I could have called them magical tracks. Or I could have said he’s magic on the track. I just acknowledged that I purposely avoided a pun. Does this mean I’m so insecure about my own intelligence that I had to alert the reader that I was well aware of the obvious chance to use a play on words but chose to bypass it? Oh no, did this music blog just become a forum for my own introspection?

That previous paragraph got pretty weird. Magic is weird. Weekends are for getting weird. So get weird this weekend while listening to the Magician.

Here’s the Erkka remix of his song “I Don’t Know What To Do” he just put up for free on his Soundcloud:

BONUS: Here’s a remix he did of Lykke Li‘s “I Follow Rivers” he did a year ago:

DOUBLE BONUS: Check out Seth Rovner doing an actual magic trick. He’s the guy that I get all my tricks from.

Also, if you want to check out an actual magic show that Seth hosts in Philly, hit up his website.

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