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[Sunday Listening] Red Summer Spirit – Black Horse Motel

black horse motel

Everything about Black Horse Motel’s intro track to their debut album, Red Summer Spiritis just right. From the warm and full string tones, the subtle banjo plucking and acoustic strumming, to the accompanying, light female vocals. It builds slowly, layering our ears from a minimal track to something bursting from the seams.

“The Apology” leads way into a very strong and powerful folk album from yet another Philadelphia local band. No frills, tight production and absolutely solid songwriting doesn’t take much to win me over upon first listen. The harmonies are natural from track to track, nothing ever sounding forced. With a huge debut full length behind them, finally, I’m excited to see what this spring/summer’s got in store for this five piece.

Stream the entire release, Red Summer Spiritbelow and be sure to grab your free download of song, “Devil That You Know,” over at their bandcamp page.

[Philly Local Round-Up] Edition Two

philadelphia philly indie

Damn, this city’s just got so much music that I’m constantly feeling out of the loop. I’m also in the middle of one of the busiest times of the year for work, so that could also be contributing to this feeling… Check out a handful of releases I’ve featured below that I cannot get enough of as I start to catch up on all things Philly.

Ah, concept albums. They’re wonderful when done right – when the message is clear and concise. In the opening introduction the line, “this being human, is a guest house,” completely sticks in my mind and gives way to an open listen of the folky group, Spirit and Dust’s first full length, Shore to ShoreI really enjoy the loose harmonies, the complimenting brass, and lyrical depth that’s competely present upon first listening. And, it’s name your own price!

Having shared the same stage as the previous group in the past, and discovering both groups at similar times – it only seems right I feature them in the same post. Small Houses has a bit more rawness and hangs more on the alt-country side of sound. With plenty of harmonica, how can you not enjoy the album, Exactly Where You Wanted To Be.

Fuzzy, psych-rockers who completely have the hazy sound down. Where have these guys been and why am I only finding about them now?

Moving in a different direction, I couldn’t pass on such a tight-sounding americana track such as Marc Silver’s“A Miner’s Town.” It’s smooth with accompanying female vocals and a heavy message that runs deep in this particular area. 

I need more info on Colorado Youth, stat. These “demos” are definitely not enough for my ears.

Also be sure to check out the first round-up, click here. Enjoy.

[Heads Up Philadelphia] Philly Beergasm debuts at Yards Brewery – March 28th

Philly Beergasm

On Thursday, March 28th – many worlds will be colliding. For Philadelphia’s very first charitable beer-centric event cleverly titled Philly Beergasm, there will be a completely beer-infused craft menu (including desserts!) as well as plenty of local and home brewers showing off their latest batches. Yards will be offering free brewery tours, there will be a raffle including Phillies Opening Day tickets, and of course, live music.

$40 gets you in the door with some awesome swag including a free tasting glass to fill up the entire night. Tickets are being sold exclusively online so be sure to head on over to the official Philly Beergasm site to grab yours. Check out the rad local lineup below that will be playing an all acoustic set featuring headliners, Restorations.

Remember, all proceeds go towards the always amazing charity, Philabundance. See you there!

[Songs For Your Weekend Moods] Lushlife edition

Why I haven’t thought of this sooner is beyond me. Based in the 215, introduce your ears to the widely talented producer/emcee, Lushlife.

God knows how many flyers I’ve seen this dude’s name on in the city and he was recently named the Deli Magazine’s “Performer of the Year.” Needless to say last year’s Plateau Vision is a work of art. It’s an elevated style of hip hop showing off Lushlife’s insane production work. From the hypnotizing opening track, “Magnolia,” to the soulfully chopped-up track, “She’s a Buddhist, I’m a Cubist,” featuring Cities Aviv, I cannot get enough.

BONUS:  His music video for song, “Magnolia,” is also being screened at this year’s SXSW. Editing executed to another level.

Incoming search terms:

  • is she buddhist?

[Inbox Submission] Hectic Zeniths

hectic zeniths

I really love when I hear from local artists. Introducing, Hectic Zeniths.

After a couple of polite emails to the blog, I was finally able to click through some links and wrap my head around the Philadelphia multi-instrumentalist/producer, Adam Morgan Prince. He blends warping samples, emotive piano melodies, hip hop percussion and a range of other sounds to create his eclectic trip-hop sound.

Simply streaming through the2012 self-titled release, the amount of influences is widely apparent from track to track. Take “Why Shoot Debris About It?,” which lays down searing electronic guitar work that sounds like its from a different decade yet the next track, “I might drown,” hits your ears in a completely contrasting way. To some, the wide spectrum may disorient but I actually really enjoy the creativeness.

Hectic Zeniths has recently dropped something new for the ears and it lays more along the beat/trip-hop genre. It’s simple and more refined. I really dig it, especially the collaboration on the EP title track, “Type One Era.” Listen to a few tracks below and check out his website for more info.

BONUS:  and for the production nerds (like all of us here at the blog), check out Prince showing the behind the scenes on the techniques he used to grab audio and turn them into beats.

Negative Collector – Shy Mirrors

shy mirrors

Loud, racing guitars and lo-fi vocals make up for a winning combination in Shy Mirrors latest release, Negative Collector.

It’s no-nonsense pop punk that spans an impressive 14 tracks. In a digital age where electronic music reigns king, Shy Mirror’s gritty sound is more than refreshing – it’s almost nostalgic. Opening track, “Unavailable,” immediately grabbed hold of my attention  with that amazing guitar riff but tracks such as “Discovery Club” show that these Swedes have a bit more depth than crunchy guitars and relentless percussion.

Check out Negative Collector below and be sure to check out their super limited vinyl package released by none other than Big School Records.

[Saturday Round-Up] Philadelphia edition

Hazy as hell, just the way I like it. Crunchy guitars, droning low ends, and ethereal vocals that dance along the shoegaze genre. Nothing’s latest release, Downward Years To Comeis simply excellent.

Back in my emo/pop-punk days (and everyone had those YOU KNOW.), I was a big Valencia fan. And I wasn’t even from the 215. Recently I was digging through bandcamp and Shane Henderson’s new project popped up onto my radar. There’s slight differences yes, but all of that energy is still there. I can’t say I hate it y’all.

Thank god, indie-(punk)rock is coming back. And Philadelphia’s Modern Baseball is definitely a part of that.

Lo-fi is the key to my heart. End of story. Marry me Radiator Hospital. In short, Some Distant Moonis a must-listen and I’m sure, a must-see.

I got a little carried away with the indie rock scene, make way for the beat heads. Introducing Small Professor, a hip-hop connoisseur who samples some of the most soulful sounding bits and crafts them into smooth, smooth, smooth beats. Cool Story, Pro, is it.

I guess I can get down with anything tagged as cuddlexcore. But seriously, Philly’s own Catnaps does a great job at creating ultra fuzzy indie pop that surely will tug on the heart strings. I really dug their previous album, Why Don’t You Whisper?, but this newer release definitely moves in a slightly different direction. I really like it.

I’m also a sucker for acoustic. (see what I did there?).

I’m not quite sure who this Gregory Mendez is yet, but I really love what he’s got up on his bandcamp. The guitar work and vocals just fit, don’t they?


Enjoy the quick dip into Philadelphia’s vast and ever-changing music scene.

[Songs For Your Weekend Moods] Get Up Audio

get up art

If you’re based in the 215 then you certainly understand the underground street art culture that’s deeply rooted within this city. And if you’re a fan, you definitely have heard of Get Up.

A Philly native, Get Up’s work can be seen inside the Electric Factory, along Columbus Blvd., under the El, on hoodies and stickers, or even inside office spaces. This guy is hard at work leaving his stamp all over this city while many of us are asleep at night.

While you’re getting familiar with his wide range of art, tap into his sounds, all wonderful and diverse and better yet; surely to get you moving just in time for the weekend.

[Inbox Submission] Skeleton Lipstick

Philadelphia-local, Skeleton Lipstick, fell into my inbox seemingly out of nowhere the other day. I just can’t keep up with this city.

Gritty 80′s-styled synths glaze over your eardrums smoothed out by glo-fi beats – and trust me, it completely comes together. There’s a lot of things I want to ask the man behind this synthwave project. More specifically, how are you producing this wonderful music and performing Maxillofacial surgery at the same time? Well, perhaps not at the same time. But still.

This is what I love, when artists give me a little context to work with. Not everything is a mysterious secret. Skeleton Lipstick is a working professional who manages to make some impressive electronic music that takes our ears decades back in time. His apparent skill for life balance allows him to creatively stretch his mind when he’s not performing his grueling 9-5. How cool, right?

Listen below to his newest release, Glows Then Melts and be sure to put this gentleman on your radar.

BONUS:  Just, wow.

And from SL himself:

The song above is a teaser for the new album. It does not appear on the album. I took the 10 tracks from “glows then melts” then cut them up, and organized the chaos into a NEW promo track! Every sound in the song (except the vocals) is a loop from one of the ten tracks on “Glows then Melts.” Nothing too special, just a little bonus song I worked up in an hour so. Head over to AIRLINES TAPES bandcamp for the real songs!

I Could Stay – Forever Evers

Forever Evers A side project of an ultra talented yet broken up too soon group, White Birds, has now emerged with a sound slightly different from their original.

With just a little bit effects and more on the pop side of the spectrum, Forever Evers, have just premiered their first single, “I Could Stay,” through notable music blog, yvynylIt’s got a clean sense of flow, nice hazy vocals with nice amounts of reverb  - I’m really excited to see how this project plays out.

I Could Stay – Forever Evers

BONUS:  And if you missed the latest from WB, grab yer download below.

I Had a Dream I Did Everything Right – White Birds