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Sunday Listening: Don’t Be Yourself EP – Tiger Waves

After getting to know Tiger Waves and their psychedelic surf-rock through songs like, “In, Out, And Around” and “Best Coast,” I knew I had to keep them on my radar.

They’ve got Beach Boys-esque harmonies one minute, then they slow things down and cap a hazy filter on their music the next. A couple of days ago I had the chance to blare their latest EP release, Don’t Be Yourself, and found it incredibly listenable all the way through.

The best part? It’s completely free. Enjoy.

Songs For Your Weekend Moods: a cool 120 Edition

The whole purpose of a cool 120 came around a couple of years ago due to the volumes of mix CD’s I would create for my frequent trips between Philadelphia and DC. And more so because I don’t have an aux input on my car stereo and I refuse to get that Belkin radio shit.

Below are three of my favorite songs from the most recent mix, listen/download to the rest of it here.

The Oldest Mind – Jape

Burial Grounds – Airlines

Moku – Edamame

Right-click and enjoy.