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I don’t understand why these guys aren’t big yet.

I think Land of Talk are a VERY underrated band.  I just feel like no one is ever as hyped about

Liz Powell

their new stuff as I am and I just don’t get it.

This trio has a great sound. Vocalist, Liz Powell, has an incredibly distinct voice.  It’s raw and full of emotion.  I fell in love with her voice and the rest of the band when I first heard the song, “Some Are Lakes.”  Just sounds hopeless and heartbroken.

“I’ll love you like I love you then I’ll die.”

That song came out a couple of years ago.  Then I was reminded of them again when I heard their song, “May You Never,” off Fun and Laughter in 2009.  Liz’s voice has got some heavy reverb on it but it works.  As much as I love her voice as is, the effects sound nice.  The tempo on this song is fast while her voice is slow and calm.  How do I classify this band? Each song is different and that is what is so refreshing about them.  They grow and do their thing.  They’re quirky but I love them.

Land of Talk

Check out their video for “It’s Okay.”

Nominated for Video of the Year at the 2010 Juno Awards…it’s pretty impressive and just also..interesting.

“Swift Coin” is Saddle Creek’s little freebie from their album being released at the end of this month, Cloak and Cipher.  It almost slipped under my radar until I came across it on a favorite blog of mine.  This song makes me feel good.  The winding guitars at the beginning create a nice intro for Liz to come in and continue to carry the song until the end.  I just can’t wait for this album to release.  The band sounds tighter, not that I ever thought they weren’t, but something seems like it has clicked.  I think this is the album that is going to really help them gain some solid ground and be exposed to a lot more people.

Lovely sounds for your ears, posted in order from oldest to newest.




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