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I just can’t get her off my playlist… or my mind

So here I was, thinking I was finally over my K. Flay obsession and could move on to hype another new find, until I get a text from the legend himself:

K flay is soooo nice. You undersold her as much as you were pushing her

-Eddie Smotkin

Greatest [female] rapper to have ever existed.

Her lyrics are great. She’s clever without being too corny. She went to Stanford. She’s tweeted at me… twice. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’d marry her at the drop of something that falls quicker than a dime (Vf=Vi + at? so without taking into account wind resistance it shouldn’t matter the weight? Ok, I’m not taking physics classes anymore. Let’s not get into unnecessary nerdage)

People are lazy; most won’t submit your emails to get the full mix-tape (which I still think you should, as the whole thing is great)

Some favorites from K. Flay (right click, save, keep and enjoy forever):
Love in this CLUB MED
Single and Famous

Snag her mix-tape(freeeee)

(buy her EP)

And of course… how could I forget to throw in some Eddie Smotkin

Some favorites from eddie:
Abe Lincoln (The people’s favorite)
Like it Raw (He says “I walk the elephant around the room with so much elegance”. Le Mans.)

Last but furthest from the least… a snippet of one of his upcoming releases. I can’t stop listening to this one and I just wish he’d finish it already so the whole world can enjoy it too. Lyrics and vocals by Eddie. Beat magic by Teddy Bloomquist.



Eddie, I’m sorry — I had to post it. It’s just a snippet. Let me know if you’re gonna be a baby and I’ll take it down…

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