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Spooky Halloween Mix!

I really love Halloween, but this year it crept up on me much too fast and I’m not entirely prepared for it. I suppose it’s half because I am sick and half because this is the first year in quite a while that I’ll be celebrating it a bit differently than usual. This year the band I manage (Laser Sex) is throwing down a little Halloween concert with our friends Papadosio. (shameless plug) Nonetheless I am extremely excited for it, but as I said,it’s different and has sort of thrown me off the normal Halloween-find a good costume-and fun house party deal.

Anyway, that introduction has nothing to do with my musical post other than it’s regarding Halloween and explains the sense of where I’m at right now. I wanted to throw together some spooky Halloween and maybe not so spooky Halloween related/not related songs together. Let’s get into it:

First we have the theme from the movie “Requiem for a Dream“. This entire movie left me feeling extremely uncomfortable but this piece is really powerful. (PLUS, a band I know covers it and definitely does it justice) Anyway, here’s the original:

Summer Overture

The two songs below are from Ryan Gosling’s (you know, The Notebook guy) project “Dead Man’s Bones“. Kind of creepy but rather hauntingly cool at the same time. (and somehow catchy?)

My body’s a zombie for you

In the room where you sleep

I dig a good amount of RJD2‘s stuff. Some not so much, but this song is bangin.

The Horror

Had to throw at least some version of this one into the mix. Here is the first known recording of the Dave Matthews Band song “Halloween” from 10/31/92.

Halloween (might get taken down)

This next song is actually a couple of my friends from high school singing a pretty catchy yet hilarious song they made up. That man on the vocals and drums just so happens to be my best friend in the whole world. Check it!


I came across these next few when looking for Halloween related remixes. Thought about putting up the originals but these are pretty dope.

GhostBusters (Figgy Remix) by Figgy

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Rhythm Plate’s Halloween Remix) by rhythmplate

Halloween Remix by UggaChakka

This last one, well… I like the Flaming Lips (more so now than their older stuff) but anyway, this song talks about Halloween, SO IT’S RELEVANT.
Halloween On The Barbary Coast

Welp that’s it, I hope this isn’t too half-assed.


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