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Birds of a feather...

After reading the recent headlines about Hank Williams Jr. and the media debacle that happened last night with Monday Night Football, combined with many of the world events that have been going on as of late, a looming question has been at the forefront of it all.

When should we keep our mouths shut?

The answer to this question varies from person to person, situation to situation. Having this website I understand is having a platform and the ability to express my own opinions and feelings on a larger-scale. I come from a bleeding-heart liberal family but that still hasn’t kept me from knowing when to not speak up and to let things be.  As a music blogger, I know my role. I simply like to share the music that I really enjoy with you readers..and every now and then you might get a little personal tid-bit.

What’s happening on Wall Street may not affect your small world. Hell, most days when I’m running around Philadelphia it’s hard to think about how that particular situation affects me personally because honestly, I’m wrapped up in my own world (and that’s ok sometimes!). But these people sacrificing their time and energy in New York are trying to send a message to our nation. They’re coming together over many different themes but under one vein; a real democratic movement. It seems we have waited a long time to take a real stand, and to those who are willing to do that for us, I am eternally grateful.

More so than ever I’ve been feeling that we can create a community here, with many common and similar interests, from all over the world. Whatever drives you, lets unite over something. Whether it be good music, politics, beer, professional wrestling (ugh), whatever it is.

Let’s read both sides before we formulate our opinions and arguments. Let’s talk to others and share anecdotes and experiences to learn from one another other. Let’s respect those who don’t agree with us. Let’s vow to be more open-minded, accepting the differences in the world instead of chastising them. Let’s be mindful of others, even if we don’t want to (it goes a long way).

But above all?

We live in this world together, lets BE DECENT.

Walk Away – Houses

Lastly, listen to a little Houses this morning. Right-click and enjoy.

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