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Mix For Carrot Creative

So for the past .

Every since graduating.

…Since the beginning of time, I have been searching for a job. A real job, a good, fulfilling, enjoyable, meaningful job that I can call a real career. Maybe it’s a pipe dream, but I have convinced myself that I am going to find a job that I’m going to completely love. One of those “not your ordinary workplace” type of jobs in a cool environment with smart, funny, progressive thinking, coworkers working together to create, market, produce, advertise, cook, bake, build, make, design…whatever it is that they do.

I’ve come across a few of these companies/businesses in my search but it wasn’t until about a week ago that I found out that Carrot Creative was hiring. This Brooklyn, NY based full service social media agency exudes all of the qualities of the type of company I dream of working for. Progressive, different, Smart, with enjoyable atmosphere. You know “hip” and “cool”. Well, I’m hip(?), I’m cool (?), (right?).

Since they are quite progressive and forward thinking, their hiring process is quite different from your average “send us your resume and cover letter and if you happen to know somebody who works here maybe we’ll get back to you” type of business.  Right on their website they say they get lots of applications, and if you want to “stand out from all the noise, figure out how to get our attention”.

So Carrot Creative. That’s what I’m doing. I’m calling you out!


I LOVE music. And I LOVE sharing it (that’s why I’m here, duh) so I scoured, searched (stalked?) many of your Twitters, Blogs, personal websites, etc to try and figure what kind of music you all enjoy. Then I combined that with what I enjoy, and realized it’s not all that different! (how bout that!)

So, the following mix was created completely with you in mind, you little Carrots you.

I hope you enjoy it. And maybe possibly hire me, or at the very least, call me for an interview? Be friends? Commission me to make you monthly mixes? ___(insert exceptional, fantastic, and wonderful opportunity here____

Link to Mix: IS RIGHT HERE (don’t worry it’s not a virus, I uploaded it myself from my spankin’ new MacBook-Bro :) )

Track List:

XCPR – Hoop Dreams
High School Lover – Oregon Bike Trails
Battery Kinzie – Fleet Foxes
Two Timer – Pappy
Tell Her No – Tennis
Romantic Streams – SLEEP ∞ OVER
Truth – Top Girls
The Zone – The Weeknd
Steven McQueen – M83
Now That I’m Real –  Chad Valley
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1 – The Flaming Lips
Wildcat – Ratatat
On On – MillionYoung
Give Me Every Little Thing – The Juan Maclean
You’re So Gangsta – Chromeo
Into The Night – Azari & III
Butt – StewRat
How Will I Copulate? (Moranis Mashup feat. Whitney Houston) – Star Slinger
Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough – Michael Jackson

You can reach me personally at :


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