[Late Night] Solar – Cosmo Sheldrake

solar cosmo sheldrakeHymn-like, the repetitive nature of Cosmo Sheldrake’s last track – in which he’s reciting a line from the William Blake poem titled, ‘I Rose Up At The Dawn of Day,’ almost puts you in a deep, deep trance.

Perfect the late night, am I right? Enjoy.


[Nice In The Headphones] Lights Out ft. JungFreud – PHFAT


From the second you hit play, it’s just gold gold gold for the ears. That wonky, grimey synth, the build and oh man, the drop. It’s sewn together oh so smoothly. I’m hooked y’all. I am hooked.

Turn the monitors up and grab the free download from one of the biggest things coming out of South Africa at the moment, PHFAT. Also check out this interesting article on the singer who’s behind the moniker JungFreud, pretty interesting read.

And not to be overlooked, you must listen to their album (also up for free download), Happiness Machinesas soon as possible.

[Inbox Submission] Monday Appreciation Society

monday appreciation society

Straight-forward and to the point, the Monday Appreciation Society describe themselves as “two dudes from The Quelle Source, a 4-track cassette recorder, a lot of lyrics, a lot of friends and a lot of beer.” Of course that’s an automatic hit-play.

Besides having a fantastic name, their sound has a fuzzy familiarity to it. For a mid-twenties female, it feels like what the next chapter in my life is going to feel like. Rambunctious guitar riffs, a tad bit of angst, and just that perfect hint of melancholy.  I’m a fan already.

Click play below and grab two great singles for free off of their upcoming EP, If You Were Here, I’d Be Home Now, due out in June.

[Sunday Listening] About Us – Milo & Otis

milo & otis almost us

It’s hard to look over an email that references such a nostalgic childhood throwback, I couldn’t resist clicking on it. Milo & Otis were THE BEST DUO. Loved those two.

Anyways, I’m talking about a different Milo & Otis here and it has nothing to do with a tabby or a pug. Jamila Woods and Owen Hill have progressed their sound into something truly special with their latest release, About Us

Wonderfully layered in all of the right ways with incredible soulful vocal loops that calm the ears – the Chicago group’s recent drop is everything you want to spend your Sunday listening to. And Philadelphia-locals, these guys will be playing at Lickety Split on the 16th.

[Meet] Marlais


I’ll admit, I’m not quite sure where or how I found myself listening to the Berlin-based project, Marlais. I don’t even know who or what is behind it. But, stumbling upon their recent track, “Love Is Teasin’,”  I became aware again of how this blog originated in the first place.

Music makes you feel something. Sometimes you’re already tapped in, you’re in that moment. Other times, it strikes you out of nowhere. You almost have to sit down to take it all in. The sampling and loops effectively juxtaposed with the gypsy-esque beats in many of the their tracks, it really got my ears. Whatever this sound is, it’s something else.

Digging through, of course, I also found this wonderful gem. The sampling used for the percussion is just fabulous. I am loving all of the different layers of sounds.

For fans of the soundscape, “Shadows of Flowers,” is something powerful.

And a little bit of trip-hop.

Lastly, one of their most popular tracks – a re-working of the Alt-J track, “Dissolve.”


[Coachella] 1 Day!

odesza ki:Theory


I’ve probably caught my 6am flight at this point, en route someway to LAX and from there it’s a 2 and a half hour drive east of LA out into the desert. Panoramic mountain ranges, a stop at In-N-Out, and miles and miles of pure excitement.

This is one of my most favorite times of the year. It’s also the craziest month for me work-wise. The balance of chaos, work, and everything in between – oh, it’s what drives me. I love this pace, though, I love my Coachella-long-weekend-respite. My oasis, my recharging station.

Keep posted, I may surface here at some point.

[Nice In The Headphones] The 2014 Do-Lab edition

Do lab coachella 2014

One of my most favorite things about Coachella are the various mini-stages and other sites and attractions that are spread across the polo grounds. And the Do-Lab is a very, very special place. Reprieve from the usual crowds, this place is a like the Coachella’s very own version of an oasis. And things totally get super weird in there as well.

I enjoy the smaller, more experimental acts that play throughout the weekend there. The crowd is always intense and enjoying every moment. It’s literally a constant dance party. So, tap into some of the artists performing throughout the weekend with a Do-Lab mini sampler of sorts below.

Now this is some heavy, heavy to get lost in.

Midas touch on modern takes.

For obvious reasons.

And lastly, some trippy headphone sounds.

Enjoy y’all, exactly 1 week away!