I won’t set my sights on other seas.


This song encapsulates everything I love to feel. That light, carefree and airy feeling you get when they randomly creep into your thoughts, your everyday functions. Those grab-my-hand-lets-go sort of nights. Those passing moments of clarity, breezing through the city late at night, nothing can stop you. Well done, Alvvays.

[Heads Up Philadelphia] BOYHOOD opens at Ritz Five July 25th

I rarely talk of other things outside of my music realm. I keep this site to what I know. Yet, there are always things worth noting and Richard Linklater’s upcoming film, Boyhood, is certainly on that list.

A film that encompasses a span of 12 whole years. Actors and characters growing older right before our eyes, glimpses of life and the little things that bring us all together, shots of simply our shared human life.

Watch the trailer above and be sure to grab some tickets for the opening at the end of this week. For other cities, check here for opening dates.

Oh, and if you were wondering who sang the track used for the trailer, which also can be found on the movie’s complete soundtrack.

Record Store Shop, vol. I

When I have the disposable income (and most times, not), my first stop is always the record shop. I cannot simply walk out of one of those places empty handed. Whether it’s new or used vinyl and/or CDs, some sort of money will be spent within 30 minutes. Guaranteed. Some people love their cars, fancy new clothes, I don’t know. But, my top priority is what music I allow through the ear drums.

So here’s what I got yesterday since your first day off should always include retail therapy.

record shop indie philadelphiaNausea – Craft Spells

This one was a no-brainer when I saw it sitting there by itself on the dingy racks. I’m a big fan of bedroom pop/lo-fi everything and these Seattle guys do it absolutely right.

C’mon, how can you not fall in love with that guitar line in, “Breaking The Angle From The Tide?”


The Execution Of All Things – Rilo Kileyrecord shop indie philadelphia

So, then I perused over to the vinyl just to see what was floating around at the moment. Anything Rilo Kiley I will grab. Anything from this era.

This album in particular is their second full length and I really love how cohesive it feels. I love the raw content paired with the equally raw production.

Solid purchase.


record shop indie philadelphiaIs This Thing Loaded? – Northstar

Now, this was the moment when I knew I had to head to the cash register ASAP. During the obligatory emo phase of my adolescence (which I’m slowly starting to embrace again), Northstar was just this little punk group out of the South with an incredibly unique sound.

They put out a few albums, with Is This Thing Loaded?, their debut, I believe being their best piece of work. Slowly, emo became too over commercialized, too mainstream, and the good people lost their genre. They developed side projects and new directions, but nothing ever came close to this album. Ever.

Let’s be young again.

I spent a lot of time driving these past few days. Passing time between state lines, long stretches of pavement, deteriorating strip malls, and the scorching Summer sun turning my tanned left arm an already darker hue.

I enjoy the act of travel and everything included in each trip. The beginning, middle, and end. I’m finally back in my little Philadelphia row home. The near future feels a little uncertain, somewhat unpredictable. Yet, I still feel like I’m on that expansive length of asphalt. Light, optimistic and a tad bit gutsy.

And, then I heard this. It all simply fit. Enjoy.

Wishing I Could Kill – La Bête Blooms

le bete blooms The latest single from La Bête Blooms is a droning, post-punk track with bright, sunny guitar riffs and vocals that fit faultlessly in the overall mix.  After a long weekend spent in Denver, Colorado – a much dryer heat than I am currently experiencing here on the East Coast – this track plays well with the mid-Summer haze that the month of July is so fabulously known for. Reverb all day, every day. Keep an eye out for the band’s debut EP due out this Fall.  Enjoy.

Shlohmo & Jeremih – “No More” EP

Yesterday (July 17th) was Jeremih‘s birthday and you know how normally people get gifts and stuff for their birthday? Instead he and Shlohmo have finally released their collaborative EP “No More”. This lil jawn contains six sexy bedroom jams and was first teased over a year ago with the track “Bo Peep“. We’re pretty hype for this as you know how we love sexy bedroom jams.

Go on over here for the official download and while you’re at it buy a sweet No More Pocket T that’s probably already sold out by the time you click this link.

[Revisit] An Unwavering Band of Light – Jenny Owens Young

an unwavering band of light jenny owens young

Not all that is new and trendy is great. You should know that by now. Sometimes what hits harder are those tracks you revisit years later. The ones you still know all the words to, those albums you’ve spun mercilessly on days end, the music that fills your head when there seems to be no sound at all.

Revisiting Jenny Owens Young is always a delight to my ears. And her third full length, An Unwavering Band of Light, is an album that deserves more than a few repeated listens.

Hit play below and be sure to check out her upcoming tour schedule with infamous group, Against Me!